09th Aug2015

‘Adventure Time: Sugary Shorts – Vol. 2’ Review

by Jack Kirby

I’ve waxed lyrical about the joys of the Adventure Time comics on numerous occasions, both on this website and to patient and unfortunate friends. And as I have said on all those occasions, I’ve known few comics based on licensed properties that capture the spirit of their IP quite so well as Adventure Time and […]

29th Jun2014

‘Power Rangers Super Samurai – Vol.2: Rise of the Bullzooka’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Power Rangers Super Samurai – Volume 2: Rise of the Bullzooka is the second volume of episodes from the follow-up series to Power Rangers Samurai. This generation of rangers is comprised of Red Ranger Jayden (Alex Heartman), Blue Ranger Kevin (Najee De-Tiege), Pink Ranger Mia (Erika Fong), Green Ranger Mike (Hector David Jr.), Yellow Ranger […]