07th Dec2017

‘A Landscape of Lies’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Andrea McLean, Danny Midwinter, Andre Nightingale, Philip Brodie,  Victoria Hopkins, Marc Bannerman, Anna Passey | Written and Directed by Paul Knight Another grand addition to the traditional “Brit Flick” stable, featuring murder, intrigue, deception, drama and a twist-y turn-y plot that will leave you wondering “Who can you trust when the truth is buried in A […]

12th Jan2016

‘Chancers’ – The Great Gangster Film Fraud

by Stuart Wright

Bashar Al Issa, a bankrupt Middle Eastern entrepreneur and Aoife Madden, an unemployed Irish actress join up to make feature films. Their first movie will have an almost unheard-of budget for a British film of £20m. But there’s a problem – the money never actually comes in. Undeterred, Bashar and Aoife submit £8m of production […]

21st Oct2015

‘Vampires’ DVD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Victoria Hopkins, Angela Zahra, Melissa Advani, Judith Alexander, Jody Baldwin, Bill Fellows, Kristian James, Holly Newton | Written and Directed by Richard Johnstone Usually it wouldn’t bode well for a film when a) it has a generic title like Vampires; and b) when you discover it’s actual title is Bloodless, the very opposite of […]