15th May2019

Wolverine Wednesday #25

by Ian Wells

Uncanny X-Men #11-#15 Writer: Matthew Rosenberg | Artists: Salvador Larocca & John McCrea | Colourists: Rachelle Rosenberg | Letters: Joe Caramagna I want to start things off this week for looking at how Wolverine is being reincorporated into the X-Men universe via his appearances in the flag ship book Uncanny X-Men. I read the first […]

10th Apr2019

Wolverine Wednesday #24

by Ian Wells

Bit of a short one this month, as Wolverine related books aren’t at a premium. I’m still refusing to pay any attention to Wolverine Infinity Watch as a matter of principle. For the future I am planning on dissecting how Wolverine’s return has been handled in the pages of Uncanny X-Men. Currently I am absorbing […]

21st Sep2013

Panel Discussion #22 with Jack and Mark

by Jack Kirby

11th and 18th September Jack here; I’ve bashed two weeks of my contributions to Mark’s stuff for the week of the 11th, because a) I’m behind on my writing and b) I’m not sure how to get caught up otherwise. Bit of a mishmash then, but I’m sure you can handle it, intelligent and tolerant […]

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