21st Sep2023

Frightfest 2023: ‘Transmission’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Angela Cela, Charles Chudabala, Nicole Cinaglia , Sheri Davis, Marcella Di Pasquale, Jessica Cameron, Felissa Rose, Jennifer Nangle, Sadie Katz, Alan Maxson, Dave Sheridan, Vernon Wells, Noel Jason Scott, Maria Shapley | Written and Directed by Michael Hurst Directed by Michael J. Hurst, who has vast genre experience – helming films such as House […]

21st Aug2023

Give Me the Fear – Episode 4: The Glenerama Tapes, The J-Horror Virus & Transmission

by Stuart Wright

Welcome to Give Me the Fear, a new Frightfest 2023 preview series hosted by screenwriter Stuart Wright. These brief, spoiler-free interviews will – across the entire series – help you to discover the kind of knowledge and experience about how to make indie horror films that they don’t teach at film school. After looking back […]