22nd Aug2022

Buffalo Dreams Festival 2022: ‘Mask of the Devil’ Review

by Jim Morazzini

Stars: Geoff Woodman, Tony Manders, Nicole Katherine Riddell, Kemal Yildirim, Alex Nathan-Woods, Emma Feeney, Martin W. Payne | Written by Richard Rowntree, Matthew Davies | Directed by Richard Rowntree Mask of the Devil, the third feature from director Richard Rowntree and co-writer Matthew Davies after Dogged and Nefarious, opens in 1878 somewhere in West Africa. […]

15th Aug2017

‘House On Elm Lake’ Review

by Nik Holman

Stars: Becca Hirani, Andrew Hollingworth, Faye Goodwin, Lorena Andrea, Tara MacGowran, Oliver Ebsworth, Tony Manders, Kate Lush | Written by Shannon Holiday | Directed by James Klass House on Elm Lake opens with a terrified mother and young son bound and gagged while their knife-wielding patriarch paces and rants. The terror and confusion beams across […]

20th Jul2017

‘Darker Shades of Elise’ DVD Review

by Philip Rogers

Stars: Becca Hirani, Tommy Vilés, Arron Blake, Darcie Lincoln, David Royal, Tara MacGowran, Kate Lush, Charlene Cooper, Tony Manders, Tessa Hart | Written by Shannon Holiday | Directed by Jamie Weston Having given up a career as a model and actress to start a family, Elise (Becca Hirani) suffers a miscarriage. Struggling to deal with […]