07th Feb2019

‘Mister Miracle: The Complete Series’ Graphic Novel Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Tom King | Art by Mitch Gerads | Format: 300pp, Paperback | Published by DC Comics I think it’s fair to say that Mister Miracle has always been, at the very best, a second tier character. The best thing he had going for him was that he was created by Jack Kirby himself, […]

13th Feb2018

‘Swamp Thing Winter Special’ Review (DC Comics)

by Dan Clark

Written by Tom King, Len Wein | Art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Kelley Jones, Jason Fabok | Published by DC Comics Well, that will take some time to get over. Swamp Thing Winter Special is comic storytelling at its best. One that celebrates a comic legend and the work he has gifted the world. Even […]

21st Jun2017

‘Batman #24′ Review

by Dan Clark

Written by Tom King | Art by Clay Mann | Published by DC Comics Many have already heard of the big reveal that happens on the final page of this issue, and for those who have not been staying current with this Batman series, it may seem strange from afar. In reality, it is a major character moment […]

07th Jun2017

Panel Discussion #35

by Kieran Shiach

Hello again, and welcome to the recently resurrected Panel Discussion. I’m Kieran, and every week I’m going to go through some of the best comics of the week to give you an idea what you should pick up that you might have missed. This is another stacked week with some fantastic first issues and great […]

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