23rd Jun2020

‘Sniper: Assassin’s End’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Chad Michael Collins, Tom Berenger, Sayaka Akimoto, Ryan Robbins, Lochlyn Munro, Emily Tennant, Michael Jonnson, Vincent Gale, Sasha Piltsin, Bethany Brown, Gerald Paetz | Written by Oliver Thompson | Directed by Kaare Andrews The EIGHTH(!) installment of the Sniper film series, Sniper: Assassin’s End is a sequel to 2017’s Sniper: Ultimate Kill and sees […]

02nd Oct2014

‘Sniper: Legacy’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Tom Berenger, Chad Michael Collins, Vasil Enev, Dennis Haysbert, Danko Jordanov, Mercedes Masohn | Written by Don Michael Paul, John Fasano | Directed by Don Michael Paul Shocking as it may seem given the amount of horror flicks I review here on Nerdly, I’m not just a horror fan. My movie-loving passion is in […]