03rd Sep2019

‘Clownado’ Review

by Chris Cummings

Stars: Linnea Quigley, Eileen Dietz, Joel D. Wynkoop, John O’Hara, Rachel Lagen, Bobby Westrick, Antwoine Steele, Dilynn Fawn Harvey, Jeremy Todd, Douglas Epps | Written and Directed by Todd Sheets Veteran low-budget show-on-video horror legend Todd Sheets sits back in his directors chair for Clownado, his new horror flick that he also wrote. Now, I’ve […]

12th Jun2019

‘Hi-Death’ Review

by Chris Cummings

Stars: Julia Vally, Todd Sheets, Fabiana Formica, Kate Durocher, Dilynn Fawn Harvey, Jensen Jacobs, Renee Galarza, Jay Sosnicki, Antwoine Steele, Todd Martin, Kristen Adams, Thomas Kindler, Billy Nicholson, Eve Smith, Mike Gordon | Written by Anthony Catanese, Amanda Payton, Tim Ritter, Todd Sheets, Brad Sykes, Josephina Sykes | Directed by Anthony Catanese, Amanda Payton, Tim […]

04th Feb2019

Pass Horror Notes: ‘Bonehill Road’ Review

by Aaron Shakespeare

BONEHILL ROAD Stars: Eli DeGeer, Ana Rojas-Plumberg, Linnea Quigley, Millie Milan, Dilynn Fawn Harvey, Gary Kent, Douglas Epps | Written and Directed by Todd Sheets Name: Bonehill Road Age: 2018 Appearance: A low budget, gory horror directed by indie veteran Todd Sheets featuring practical effects, blood and guts. About a mother and daughter escaping an […]

13th Dec2017

SRS Cinemas announce DVD release of ‘Sheets of Gore’

by Phil Wheat

Todd Sheets is known among Shot on Video fans as the prince of gore… Back in June, SRS Cinema released an exclusive limited edition Bluray and VHS of his earliest works in a short compilation called Sheets of Gore. Apparently that previous release was so successful that SRS Cinema have announced a new limited DVD […]

12th Jan2015

‘Hi-8: Horror Independent 8′ Review

by Nicky Johnson

Directed by Tim Ritter, Brad Sykes, Marcus Koch, Ron Bonk, Donald Farmer, Todd Sheets, Chris Seaver, Tony Masiello This is a tough review to do for two reasons. The first is that it’s not one film, but eight. The second is that I am so far out of the target audience I would simple never […]

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