20th Feb2020

‘Gwen Stacy #1’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Christos Gage | Art by Todd Nauck | Published by Marvel Comics I was always a Gwen Stacy guy. Sure, Mary Jane had all the great one liners and looked spectacular, but Gwen had the class and grace. Gwen also features heavily in one of the most notorious events in Spider-Man’s history (spoiler […]

18th Jan2014

Chris Claremont returns with Nightcrawler #1

by Phil Wheat

Prolific and iconic X-Men writer Chris Claremont teams with fan favorite artist Todd Nauck for Nightcrawler #1 – an all-new ongoing series starring the one and only fan-favourite fuzzy blue elf. When Nightcrawler sacrificed his life to protect mutantkind, a hole was left in the X-Men’s ranks that has never been filled. Now, with his […]