12th Jan2015

Review Round-Up: ‘To Go Viking’ & ‘Fifty Shades: Real Women Confess’

by Nicky Johnson

To Go Viking To Go Viking follows the Texas arm of the Jomsborg Elag (clan) as the train and prepare for fighting in Europe, specifically 17th International Slavs and Vikings Festival at Wolin, Poland. We learn how much some members have sacrificed, for example to choosing to eschew material objects in exchange to spend money […]

10th Dec2014

Competition: Win two new documentaries with Safecracker Pictures

by Phil Wheat

One of Nerdly’s favourite UK independent DVD distributors, Safecracker Pictures, have seen fit to unleash two new and wildly different documentaries on the UK public: the Viking documentary To Go Viking and rather more risque Fifty Shades: Real Women Confess – and we have copies of both to giveaway on DVD! To Go Viking sees […]