22nd Aug2018

Frightfest 2018 Interview: ‘The Devil’s Doorway’ writer/director Aislinn Clarke

by Stuart Wright

In the latest installment of his Frightfest 2018 pre-festival preview series, host Stuart Wright talks The Devil’s Doorway with the writer/director Aislinn Clarke. In the fall of 1960, Father Thomas Riley and Father John Thornton were sent by the Vatican to investigate a miraculous event in an Irish home for ‘fallen women’, only to uncover […]

20th Jul2018

Poster Round-Up: 2018 London Frightfest Edition!

by Phil Wheat

Welcome to the latest installment of the Nerdly poster round-up, where we bring you up to speed on some of the best (and worst) movie posters to have hit the interwebs in recent weeks. This special edition focuses on just some of the years most anticipated genre films which are screening at Frightfest in London […]