18th Mar2014

‘The Borderlands’ DVD Review

by Jack Kirby

Stars: Gordon Kennedy, Robin Hill, Luke Neal, Aidan McArdle, Sarah Annis, Lee Arnold, Patrick Godfrey, Marcus Cunningham | Written and Directed by Elliot Goldner Elliot Goldner directs this British horror following a team of specialists from the Vatican who are drawn to a remote West Country church by reports of mysterious occurrences in the area.  The Borderlands sees a […]

30th Aug2013

Film4 Frightfest 2013 in Review – Part 1

by Jack Kirby

Opening Night and Saturday Frightfest 2013 opened on Thursday evening with Howard and John Ford’s The Dead 2: India, a sequel to their previous Africa-set zombie flick. To be honest, it wasn’t the most auspicious start to the weekend. A zombie epidemic reaches the Asian subcontinent and American engineer Nicholas (Joseph Millson) attempts to cross […]

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