31st Oct2019

‘One Night in October’ Review

by Chris Cummings

Stars: Jessica Morgan, Casey Norman, Rachel Netherton, Kaitlan Renee, Nathan O. Miller, Dustin Rieffer, Aeric Azana, Taylor Plecity, Andrew Kincaid, Sara Jackson, Erin Colleen Marshall, Bo Phillips, Brianna Roberts | Written and Directed by Christopher M. Carter It’s Halloween season. The time for sitting down with candles glowing, a hot cup of black coffee in […]

01st Apr2015

First posters for gothic horror ‘Pale Horse’

by Phil Wheat

Directed by Pearry Teo (Necromentia, Witchville) and produced by Kim Durham for Meraxes Entertainment, Pale Horse is a brand new gothic horror currently in post-production. Little, beyond the teaser trailer for the film on the official Facebook page and the fact the film is a new take on the voodoo mythos, is known about the […]