07th Oct2019

WWE Network Original Reviews: Table for Three – General Managers Special

by Chris Cummings

Table for Three is a great original show idea and I’ve enjoyed watching each episodes over the past five seasons or so. The new episode which landed this week was titled “General Managers Special” and features Eric Bischoff, Kurt Angle and Vickie Guerrero. Now, if you’ve been a fan of WWE over the past couple […]

25th Sep2019

WWE Network Original Reviews: Table for Three 5×07 – Ladies Luncheon

by Chris Cummings

I’ve been a fan of Table for Three since it began a few years back. It’s a super-fun concept, and allows three wrestling personalities to sit down and chit-chat for twenty-five minutes about their relationship to each other and their careers. I mean, it’s a pretty short program, so it never really gets going in […]

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