18th Dec2020

‘Tales From the Dark Multiverse: Crisis on Infinite Earths #1’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Steve Orlando | Art by Mike Perkins | Published by DC Comics I’ve always had a love/ hate relationship with Crisis on Infinite Earths. Like it or not, it has cast a huge shadow over DC’s output ever since it was published back in the 1980’s. I’ve always appreciated its intent, to clean […]

29th Jun2017

‘Martian Manhunter/Marvin the Martian Special #1’ Review

by Dan Clark

Written by Steve Orlando, Frank, J. Barbiere, Jim Fanning | Art by Jerome K. Moore, John Loter | Published by DC Comics “Martian Manhunter tries to halt Marvin the Martian’s determination for world domination. J’onn is conflicted with his own Martian identity as he attempts to stop the hapless, determined Marvin from blowing Earth to bits in order to gain […]