07th Jun2019

‘The Dreaming Vol.1: Pathways & Emanations’ Graphic Novel Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Neil Gaiman, Simon Spurrier | Art by Bilquis Evely | Published by DC Vertigo | Format: Paperback, 200pp Ah, Vertigo, the house that Neil built. Gaiman that is. Without Neil Gaiman there would probably be no Vertigo, or at least not the successful imprint it became. Being fair, it’s also right to say […]

18th May2015

First Look: Marvel Zombies #1 (Secret Wars)

by Phil Wheat

Here’s your first look at Marvel Zombies #1, a brand-new Secret Wars series from writer Simon Spurrier (X-Force, X-Men: Legacy) and artist Kev Walker (New Avengers, Avengers Arena). She is Elsa Bloodstone, one of the fiercest monster-hunters Battleworld has ever seen. Burdened with the zombie hordes to the south of Battleworld, she patrols the borders from […]

21st Aug2013

‘Numbercruncher #2’ Review

by Mark Allen

Written by Simon Spurrier | Drawn by PJ Holden | Colours by Jordie Bellaire | Published by Titan Books My crush on Spurrier’s writing continues with the second issue of his and Holden’s afterlife black comedy, which has far less to prove than its first issue and instead just gets on with telling a hell of a good story. Not that they […]