02nd Jun2020

‘Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway’ VOD Review

by Stuart Wright

Stars: Daniel Tadesse, Guillermo Llansó, Agustín Mateo, Gerda-Annette Allikas, Solomon Tashe, Lauri Lagle, Rene Köster, Iveta Pole, Aris Rozentals | Written and Directed by Miguel Llanso At its heart, Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway, is a Cold War paranoia thriller. It’s about two CIA Agents: Palmer and Gagano. They need to destroy […]

07th Oct2019

Interview: Sergio Uguet de Resayre on his “5 Great British Horror Films”

by Stuart Wright

In his latest podcast, host Stuart Wright talks with Spanish filmmaker Sergio Uguet de Resayre about his picks for 5 Great British Horror Films and the latest cinematic offering – the amazingly titled Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway, an Audience Award winner at Fantasia 2019. Spanish, Estonian, Ethiopian, Latvian, Romanian and UK […]