01st Dec2021

Video Review: ‘The Bezonians’ – Bez-YES-ians or Bez-NO-ians?

by Kevin Haldon

Here’s Kev with a video review of Saints and Savages (Original Gangster) new film The Bezonians. In the Bezonians social club in North London, A group of down and outs scheme, plot and dream of becoming rich and breaking out of the monotony of their dreary and financially impotent lives. Directed by Savvas D. Michael, […]

19th Apr2021

‘Original Gangster’ VOD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Alex Mills, Steve Guttenberg, Alex Mills, Adam Deacon, Ian Reddington, Vas Blackwood | Written and Directed by Savvas D Michael Just when you thought British gangster movies could’ve scrape any lower than the bottom of the barrel, along comes Original Gangster. The film follows Castor, a young boy who is orphaned when gangsters murder […]