31st Aug2020

Frightfest 2020: ‘The Horror Crowd’ Review

by Chris Cummings

Features: Russell Mulcahy, Lin Shaye, Darren Lynn Bousman, Ryan Turek, Greg Grunberg, Oren Peli, Mike Mendez, Sarah Nicklin | Directed by Ruben Pla I’ve always been fond of documentaries that explore the deeper echelon of horror, and especially those that sit down with a plethora of actors and filmmakers to discuss a variety of topics. […]

10th Jun2020

‘Among Them’ Review (Amazon Prime)

by Chris Thomas

Stars: Jonathan Thomson, Dan Liebman, Evalena Marie, Michael Reed, Nick Apostolides, Bobby Kenney, Sarah Nicklin | Written by Evalena Marie, Kevin James Barry | Directed by Kevin James Barry Two bank robbers take their unwanted hostage into a seedy coastal motel in the dead of winter. When their boss doesn’t show up and their tickets […]

12th Sep2018

‘The Basement’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Mischa Barton, Tracie Thoms, Bailey Anne Borders, Jackson Davis, Maria Volk, Kareem J. Grimes, Jessica Sonneborn, Sarah Nicklin, Pamela Wistrom, Cayleb Long, Christa Conley | Written by Brian M. Conley, Nathan Ives, Sean Decker | Directed by Brian M. Conley, Nathan Ives Actress Mischa Barton, once beloved on TV’s The O.C., became something of […]

10th Oct2013

31 Days of Horror: ‘The Disco Exorcist’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Michael Reed, Sarah Nicklin, Ruth Sullivan, Alex Aponte, Brandon Luis Aponte, Danielle Gelehrter, Gio Castellano | Written by Tony Nunes | Directed by Richard Griffin You know exactly what you’re getting into with a film like The Disco Exorcist, especially given that the film opens with a disclaimer that exclaims the producers can’t even […]