13th Apr2020

‘Blind’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Sarah French, Caroline Williams, Jed Rowen, Tyler Gallant, Jessica Galetti | Written by Joe Knetter | Directed by Marcel Walz After botched laser eye surgery treatment, actress Faye completely loses her vsion and is trying to get used to life in the dark. We find Faye attending support groups and making visually impaired freinds […]

01st Apr2020

‘Rootwood’ VOD Review

by Chris Cummings

Stars: Tyler Gallant, Elissa Dowling, Sarah French, Felissa Rose, Tiffani Fest, Brandon Rhea, Kwame Head | Written by Mario von Czapiewski | Directed by Marcel Walz Written by Mario von Czapiewski and with Marcel Walz (who remade Blood Feast back in 2016) as director, Rootwood is a horror flick about a couple of student podcasters named […]

02nd Jul2019

‘The Special’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Davy Raphaely Dave Sheridan, Sarah French, Janae Palmer, Paul Cottman, Christina DiNicolo, Susan Moses, Wayne Shearer, Doug Henderson | Written by James Newman, Mark Steensland | Directed by B. Harrison Smith It truly is the age old tale of… Man is convinced to cheat on his wife… Man sticks his pecker somewhere he probably […]

22nd Jan2018

Trailer & Poster for gore-filled SOV horror ‘Fatal Premonitions’

by Phil Wheat

Remember going to video store in the 90s and finding some weird bizarre horror film, taking it home and discovering it was a shot-on-video (SOV) sleazefest made by a bunch of guys on the weekend? Whilst they never really took off here in the UK, there’s a HUGE fan following for SOV films and filmmakers […]