21st Sep2017

‘Never Let Go’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Angela Dixon, Nigel Whitmey, Lisa Eichhorn, Velibor Topic, Heather Peace, Rami Nasr, Sarah Perles, Samantha Bolter, Michael Xavier, Glenn Salvage, Sanita Simms, Darcie Lincoln | Written and Directed by Howard J. Ford How best to describe Never Let Go? How about a movie that feels like Paul Greengrass directed Taken, with a kick-ass leading […]

03rd Feb2015

First trailer for Howard J. Ford’s ‘Never Let Go’

by Phil Wheat

As promised back in early December when we broke news on the film entering post-production, the first trailer for Howard J Ford’s (Director/Producer Co-Writer of The Dead 1 & 2) latest film, the child abduction thriller Never Let Go, has landed – just in time for the Berlin Film Festival! Shot in Morocco, Spain and […]