13th Mar2011

Book Review: Runescape – Return to Canifis

by Phil Wheat

Written by T.S. Church | Published by Titan Books Runescape, the long-running free massive multiplayer online RPG, has recently broke free of the shackles of PC screens everywhere with a series of novels from author T.S. Church (the first of which we reviewed here) aimed squarely at the games many millions of players, and as […]

15th Dec2010

Book Review: Runescape – Betrayal at Falador

by Jack Kirby

Written by T.S. Church | Published by Titan Books For the uninitiated, RuneScape is an online, multiplayer, fantasy game, set in a world of swordplay and sorcery. Players are free to explore the world of the game at will and interact with other players. Given that the game has ten million active users, this may […]

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