23rd Oct2019

‘Once Upon a Time in Deadwood’ Review

by Dom Hastings

Stars: Robert Bronzi, Karin Brauns, Michael Paré, Lauren Compton, J.D. Angstadt, Woody Clendenen, Justin Hawkins, Tony Jackson, Ronnie D. Lee, Chris Matteis, George J. Merino | Written by Rene Perez, Jeff Miller | Directed by Rene Perez The Face of Death is back…sort of. Robert Bronzi, the direct-to-video delight who looks just like Charles Bronson, is back […]

13th Mar2018

Screw the “Death Wish” remake here’s ‘Death Kiss’ instead!

by Phil Wheat

As if having one of his films released in the UK as Leatherface wasn’t bad enough (though not his decision but rather the UK distributors), Rene Perez has gone all out with his latest movie, in “homaging” other films – in this case Charles Bronson and Death Wish – with Death Kiss. No stranger to […]

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