05th Jun2020

Opinionated: Is ‘Persona 5 Royal’ a worthy upgrade?

by Xenia Grounds

WARNING: The following article contains massive spoilers for the original story of Persona 5 and very minor spoilers for the new third semester in Royal. If you haven’t played the game or gotten past the seventh palace then avoid reading this. In my retrospective on Persona 5, I mentioned I was playing Persona 5 Royal. […]

22nd Apr2020

RETRO-spective: Persona 5

by Xenia Grounds

When it comes to great storytelling, the medium doesn’t matter. It can be a movie, television show, video game or animation. The most impactful stories take people on journeys that are potentially capable of changing the direction of someone’s life. For me, something that did this was Persona 5. When this game came out, I […]