13th Jan2023

‘The Old Way’ Review

by Matthew Turner

Stars: Nicolas Cage, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Noah Le Gros, Kerry Knuppe, Shiloh Fernandez, Nick Searcy, Abraham Benrubi, Clint Howard | Written by Carl W. Lucas | Directed by Brett Donowho Incredible as it may seem, this is Nicolas Cage’s first western, although he clearly enjoyed shooting it, because he’s already done another one (Butcher’s Crossing). […]

06th Jul2020

‘The Beach House’ Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Liana Liberato, Noah Le Gros, Jake Weber, Maryann Nagel, Michael Brumfield, Matt Maisto, Steven Corkin, Dan Zakarija, Veronica Fellman | Written and Directed by Jeffrey A. Brown Not the most horrific of horror movie titles but The Beach House features two college sweethearts on a getaway to the sea and the aforementioned beach house. […]

25th Aug2019

Frightfest 2019: ‘Depraved’ Review

by Chris Cummings

Stars: David Call, Alex Breaux, Joshua Leonard, Ana Kayne, Maria Dizzia, Chloë Levine, Owen Campbell, Addison Timlin, Chris O’Connor, Alice Barrett, Jack Fessenden, James Tam, Zilong Zee, Noah Le Gros | Written and Directed by Larry Fessenden Larry Fessenden (Wendigo) goes back to his monster drawing-board to tell a modern-day Frankenstein story about a man named Henry, […]