15th Mar2024

Frightfest Glasgow 2024: ‘All You Need is Death’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Simone Collins, Charlie Maher, Olwen Fouéré, Barry McKiernan, Nigel O’Neill, Catherine Siggins | Written and Directed by Paul Duane A young couple records and collects folk songs in rural Ireland, selling them to a mysterious, rich buyer. When rumours of a song never-before-heard reach the couple, they find themselves in an uneasy alliance with […]

05th Aug2021

‘Boys from County Hell’ Review

by Jim Morazzini

Stars: Jack Rowan, Michael Hough, Fra Fee, Robert Nairne, Nigel O’Neill, Louisa Harland | Written and Directed by Chris Baugh Despite its title Boys from County Hell isn’t another backwoods hicksploitation film. It’s actually an Irish horror comedy that pits a road crew against the Emerald Isle’s own species of bloodsucker. Writer/director Chris Baugh (Bad […]

30th Jul2021

Video Review: ‘Boys From County Hell’

by Kevin Haldon

Here’s Kev with a video review of Boys From County Hell which will be released in UK and Irish cinemas on August 6th. Look out for our written review on the site VERY soon! A crew of hardy road workers, led by a bickering Father and Son, must survive the night when they accidentally awaken […]

17th Jan2018

‘Bad Day For the Cut’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Nigel O’Neill, Susan Lynch, Józef Pawlowski, Stuart Graham, David Pearse, Anna Próchniak, Stella McCusker, Ian McElhinney, Brian Milligan, Shashi Rami, Lalor Roddy, Ryan McParland | Written by Chris Baugh, Brendan Mullin | Directed by Chris Baugh Northern Ireland is pretty well known for having its fair share of “troubles” and as such makes for […]