16th Jan2017

‘Never Open the Door’ Review

by Joel Harley

Stars: Jessica Sonneborn, Deborah Venegas, Kristina Page, Matt Aidan, Mike Wood, George Troester, Steven Richards | Written by Vito Trabucco, Chris Maltauro | Directed by Vito Trabucco Even before they were popularised by Scream‘s slasher movie obsessive Randy, most of us were aware of the ‘rules’ of populating a horror movie. Don’t have sex. Don’t […]

21st Nov2016

‘Never Open the Door’ to Vito Trabucco’s latest horror

by Phil Wheat

Maltauro Entertainment in association with Baumant Entertainment has announced the December 6th Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD release of Never Open the Door; the latest film from writer/director Vito Trabucco – the genius behind the awesome slasher movie Bloody Bloody Bible Camp. Along with writer/producer Christopher Maltauro the pair have created a chilling homage to […]