02nd Oct2020

‘Hosts’ VOD Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Neal Ward, Samantha Loxley, Frank Jakeman, Nadia Lamin, Lee Hunter, Jennifer Preston, Buddy Skelton | Written by Adam Leader | Directed by Adam Leader, Richard Oakes Yes Yes Yes! It’s finally happening… we finally get to talk about Hosts. It feels like a lifetime ago the crew made the announcement on their Dark Fable […]

01st Sep2020

Brit horror ‘Hosts’ gets a US release date!

by Kevin Haldon

That’s right Nerdly readers, Hosts is finally on its way for your viewing pleasure. Well… In the US it is! It looks like the good folks over at Dark Sky Films have decided to drop Hosts across the pond first. Which while being a tad sucky for us Brits is just awesome news for all […]

03rd Oct2019

Trailer & Poster for horror ‘Hosts’

by Phil Wheat

From Dark Fable Media and Odin’s Light, Hosts is the debut film, written and directed by Richard Oakes & Adam Leader, who run Dark Fable Media – which is a film making YouTube channel and also a music video production company. The money for Hosts was raised through their YouTube channel via fundraisers; shot in […]

06th Oct2017

Interview: Nadia Lamin discusses folk horror ‘Dogged’

by Philip Rogers

With the highly anticipated folk horror Dogged currently doing a tour of the festival circuits, I had the opportunity to talk with actresses Nadia Lamin about developing the character Sparrow and her experiences making the film. How did you get involved in the film Dogged? My agent Jo Southwell, Aston Management. She put me up […]