14th Aug2015

‘WWE Monday Night Wars: Vol. 1 – Shots Fired’ Blu-ray Review

by Paul Metcalf

For many wrestling fans the so-called “Attitude Era” was when WWE was at its best. This is something that I tend to agree with, with a heart full of nostalgia. This is why WWE Monday Night Wars: Vol. 1 – Shots Fired was a welcome trip down memory lane. One thing I will say about […]

05th Aug2015

WWE Monday Night War – The Infographic

by Phil Wheat

With Monday Night War Vol 1 – Shots Fired set for release here in the UK on Monday 10th August we’re taking part in a special look back at the spectacular battle between WWE and WCW – a battle which not only spawned some of the greatest matches in the sports history but also shaped the future of […]