02nd Jul2021

‘Medusa: Queen of the Serpents’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Megan Purvis, Sarah T. Cohen, Nicola Wright, Stephanie Lodge, Thomas Beatty | Written by Matthew B.C., Scott Jeffrey | Directed by Matthew B.C. Medusa, or Medusa: Queen of the Serpents, depending on which country you’re watching this one in, tells the story of Carly, a former prostitute who returns to the fold after a […]

06th Mar2015

Comic Book Developers Recognise the Potential of Female Characters

by Guest

It has recently become known that there are more female gamers than male, there was a general suspicion that the industry had yet to recognise this statistic. After all, the market is dominated by adrenalin-packed, male influenced titles such as Call of Duty, while similar titles and characters also command the attention of the mainstream […]