25th Oct2018

Imperfect 10: The Alternative Halloween Horror Movie Marathon

by Rupert Harvey

For years now, I’ve been hosting horror movie marathons around Halloween. It’s my favourite time of year: an extended excuse to trawl through the trash bins of ‘80s and ‘90s horror in search of legit gems. To save you the pain of suffering through dumpster fires like Chopping Mall and House 4: The Repossession, I’ve […]

04th Feb2014

Rewind: ‘Maniac Cop’ Blu-ray Review (Arrow Video)

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Bruce Campbell, Tom Atkins, Laurene Landon, Robert Z’dar, Richard Roundtree | Written by Larry Cohen | Directed by William Lustig Featuring one of the best taglines ever: “You have the right to remain silent… Forever”, one of my all-time favourite horror franchises finally makes it Blu-ray debut with this release of the fantastic Maniac Cop from Arrow Video. Written and directed by […]

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