20th Dec2016

Competition: Win a DVD bundle to support the release of Army of One!

by Phil Wheat

Hollywood legend Nicolas Cage is at his gonzo, gurning, goofball best as an American man on a mission to Pakistan to single-handedly mount a war on terror, in the most outrageously hilarious culture clash comedy to hit the screen since Borat, and directed by the comedy genius behind that film, Larry Charles. It’s made all […]

01st Apr2015

‘The Comedians’ – Season One (P)review

by Nathan Smith

Stars: Billy Crystal, Josh Gad, Stephnie Weir, Megan Ferguson | Created by Larry Charles, Ben Wexler, Billy Crystal, Matt Nix Isn’t awkward humor on a television series the best? You’re sitting there watching the show, letting the actors and the script do their job and as the awkwardness bores a hole through you, realization dawns on […]