18th Dec2019

‘Catan: Starfarers’ Board Game Review

by Matthew Smail

The original Settlers of Catan (later shortened to Catan) remains the gateway game that introduced legions of new players to modern board gaming. A mixture of luck, strategy and player agency as well as a simple, attractive layout ensure that the original remains popular even now. But what happens when the relatively simplistic gameplay begins […]

04th Sep2017

Classic board game ‘Catan’ coming to VR!

by Phil Wheat

Catan Studio, Asmodee Digital and virtual reality game developer Experiment 7 have today announced a partnership to bring the acclaimed Catan board game to VR! Catan VR is an immersive take on Klaus Teuber’s landmark title that revolutionized modern board gaming. This amazingly engaging game is set to release on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear […]