03rd Mar2017

An all-new beginning… X-Men Prime #1

by Kat Wheat

The RessurXion begins here… In the wake of Inhumans vs. X-Men, the Children of the Atom pick up the pieces and charge headlong into tomorrow; and it’s all kicking off in March’s can’t-miss X-Men Prime #1 – featuring a collection of blockbuster creators, the next chapter of the X-Men’s saga begins in this oversized one-shot. […]

09th Mar2016

First Look: Uncanny X-Men #6

by Phil Wheat

Here’s your first look inside Uncanny X-Men #6, the start of the Uncanny X-Men’s foray into Apocalypse Wars, from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Ken Lashley – who take you on a mission to save the life of one of the founding X-Men! This April, the secrets of Archangel will be revealed as Magneto and […]