10th Jan2024

‘Kane’ Video Review

by Kevin Haldon

Written and directed by Blair Moore (Canadian Psycho) Kane tells the story of Benny, who works for old school crime boss Abe. However Abe has multiple personalities and is in a gang war with the notorious Frankie. Kane is the deadliest of Abe’s personalities, the next 24 hours will be a killer… Today is a […]

10th Nov2023

‘Kane’ Review

by Jim Morazzini

Star: Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Clayton Watson, Nathan Phillips, Jake Ryan, Martin Dingle Wall | Written and Directed by Blair Moore Chess is ruthless: you’ve got to be prepared to kill people – Nigel Short That quote opens the new Aussie thriller Kane, the camera focusing on Abe (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor; Transfusion, Deep Water) playing a […]

21st Apr2015

WWE RAW: Results & Review (20.4.15)

by Chris Cummings

We are a couple of weeks removed, now, from WrestleMania, and we are heading towards WWE’s next PPV, Extreme Rules. The WWE product hasn’t really changed a great deal since a month ago, except for Brock Lesnar no longer being WWE Champion and taking time-off, and different feuds being underway. Mostly though, on television, it’s […]

31st Aug2014

‘WWE Brothers of Destruction’ Blu-ray Review

by Paul Metcalf

As a horror fan I’ve always liked the wrestlers with the darker sides.  The Undertaker and Kane are two wrestlers who have had a certain mystique and managed to get away with the more silly story lines featuring the supernatural.  For the most part though their destructive force has been more of an importance to […]

06th Aug2013

Soska Sisters to helm WWE horror sequel

by Phil Wheat

WWE Studios and Lionsgate have announced that production on See No Evil 2, the follow-up to the duo’s 2006 horror release, is scheduled to start in fall 2013. WWE superstar Kane is set to reprise his lead role as reclusive madman Jacob Goodnight. However in more exciting news, genre favorites and [twin] directors of Dead […]