03rd Jan2015

‘Dark House’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Luke Kleintank, Tobin Bell, Alex McKenna, Anthony Rey Perez, Zack Ward, Lacey Anzelc, Ethan S. Smith, Lesley-Anne Down, Charles Agron, Daniel Ross Owens, Max Gail, Patricia Belcher | Written by Victor Salva, Charles Agron | Directed by Victor Salva As a fan of the Jeepers Creepers movies I’m always interested in what Victor Salva will come […]

24th Dec2014

‘Grave Halloween’ DVD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Kaitlyn Leeb, Cassi Thomson, Graham Wardle, Dejan Loyola, Jeffrey Ballard, Hiro Kanagawa, Jesse Wheeler, Tom Stevens, Kevan Ohtsji, Hyuma Frankowski | Written by Ryan W. Smith, Sheldon Wilson | Directed by Steven R. Monroe Apparently (at least according to the blurb on the front cover) based on a true story, Grave Halloween is the […]

02nd Dec2014

‘We Are The Giant’ Review

by Nicky Johnson

Director Greg Hunt (Manhunt) premiered this harrowing documentary surrounding different parts of the Arab Spring at Sundance this year to a largely positive reaction and it’s obvious to see why. The film follows three groups of people fighting against three different regimes in their own way: Muhannad (sadly passed away) and Osama from Libya, Ghassan […]

24th Jun2014

‘I Declare War’ DVD Review

by Richard Axtell

Stars: Siam Yu, Gage Munroe, Michael Friend, Aidan Gouveia, Mackenzie Munro, Alex Cardillo, Kolton Stewart, Eric Hanson, Alex Wall | Written by Jason Lapeyre | Directed by Robert Wilson, Jason Lapeyre I Declare War is a war film which documents the horrors of war including torture, battles, violence and balloons filled with paint. Of course, […]

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