17th Dec2021

‘Monsters in the Closet’ VOD Review

by Jim Morazzini

Stars: Tom Cikoski, Jasmin Flores, Denyse Ruggiero, Luke Couzens, Camilla Crawford, Jordan Flippo, Phillip Green, Nelson JoaQuin, John Paul Fedele, Valerie Bittner | Directed by The Snygg Brothers Monsters in the Closet, (not to be confused with Troma’s creature feature Monster in the Closet or Harry Benshoff’s book on LGBQT themes in horror films), is […]

07th Apr2017

‘The Beaster Bunny’ DVD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Jon Arthur, Kristina Beaudouin, Valerie Bittner, Alison Bodell, Darian Caine, Tom Cikoski, Marisol Custodio, Matthew Dolan, Fredus Donestilus, John Paul Fedele | Written and Directed by The Snygg Brothers Hide your eggs! A 50-foot man-eating Easter bunny is on the loose and the townsfolk don’t stand a hop in hell. As the bloodthirsty, floppy-eared […]