08th Sep2021

‘Robot Apocalypse’ DVD Review

by Jim Morazzini

Stars: Jeff Marchelletta, Barry Piacente, DeAngelo Davis, Jessica Chancellor, Katalina Viteri, Tito Ortiz | Written by Joe Roche, Lauren Pritchard | Directed by David Michael Latt Robot Apocalypse is the latest film from The Asylum, but you would be hard-pressed to know it even exists. As with Jungle Run and several other recent films they […]

24th Apr2020

‘Jurassic Island’ DVD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Emily Sweet, Jessica Chancellor, Tiana Tuttle, Brandon Root, Taylor Behrens, Cooper Hagen, Austin Skaggs, Emily Gateley, Bai Ling | Written and Directed by Canyon Prince When they realize their friend has been transported into a dangerous video game, three friends follow him into the game. Once there, they will have to battle dangerous creatures […]