08th Aug2019

‘Maniac Farmer’ VOD Review

by Dom Hastings

Stars: Jake Roark, Jeremy Snead, Alexander Davis, Tyler Caldwell, Hannah Davis, Tyler Ward, Jake Mosley, Matt McNew, Cody Gay, Deanna Karr, Opal Williams | Written and Directed by Matthew Williams God damn, those redneck farmers… Written and directed by Matthew Williams, the world of low-budget horror has a new addition: Maniac Farmer. A film mixing the crazy with the crazier […]

24th Oct2014

‘Video Games: The Movie’ Review

by Dan Clark

Video Games: The Movie attempts to be the definitive documentary on this history of video games. With mountains of information and insight from fans, video game designers, and notable figures in the industry it goes deep into what video games where and what they are now. The issue is the topic is treated with such […]