19th Jan2023

‘High Heat’ VOD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Don Johnson, Olga Kurylenko, Diamond Dallas Page, Kaitlin Doubleday, Bianca D’Ambrosio, Chiara D’Ambrosio, Chris Diamantopoulos, Ivan Martin, Donnie Francis, Seth Andrew Bridges, Erik Bloomquist | Written by James Pederson | Directed by Zach Golden High Heat stars Olga Kuryleno as an ex-KGB agent-turned-chef Ana and Don Johnson as her restauranteur husband, who owes a […]

31st Jan2015

TFF 2014: ‘Loitering With Intent’ Interviews

by Catherina Gioino

Pulitzer Prize finalist and well known playwright Adam Rapp has just directed a film he didn’t write. While many people do this all the time, Rapp has always directed his own work, from Red Light Winter which was a Pulitzer Prize finalist to even Winter Passing and In Treatment. Loitering With Intent, although directed by […]