05th Sep2019

Frightfest 2019: ‘Ready or Not’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Samara Weaving, Adam Brody, Mark O’Brien, Henry Czerny, Andie MacDowell, Melanie Scrofano, Kristian Bruun, Nicky Guadagni, Elyse Levesque, John Ralston | Written by Guy Busick, Ryan Murphy | Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett We all know that, for some, weddings can be a tricky experience – the happiest day of your life seemingly […]

03rd Oct2017

First trailer for ‘Buckout Road’ released

by Phil Wheat

Having just started its festival run, Matthew Currie Holmes’ directorial debut, Buckout Road, just won its first film festival award: Best Thriller Feature Film at the Hot Springs Horror Film Festival; and to celebrate the first trailer for the film has been released! Buckout Road might be known as the most haunted road in New […]

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