13th Feb2020

‘Cupid’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Georgina Jane, Michael Owusu, Abi Casson Thompson, Ali Barouti, Bao Tieu, Sarah T. Cohen, Georgie Banks, Kelly Jubilee, Jake Watkins, Adrian Bouchet | Written and Directed by Scott Jeffrey Opening with brilliant, narrated, animation that re-tells that tale of cupid and thus setting up the films evil villain, Cupid is the latest film from […]

22nd Mar2019

‘Pet Graveyard’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Jessica O’Toole, David Cotter, Rita Siddiqui, Kate Lush, Andrew Hollingworth, Claire-Maria Fox, Mike Kelson, Kate Milner Evans, Heronimo Sehmi, Georgina Jane, Hattie Willow | Written by Suzy Spade | Directed by Rebecca Matthews We’ve covered quite a few films from UK production outfit Proportion Productions, who have become almost factory-like in their film output […]

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