31st May2018

Nerd Buy: ‘Gargoyles’ Funko Pop! range

by Phil Wheat

Funko have announced a new range of Pops based on the beloved Disney animated series Gargoyles coming stores in August 2018. Goliath and Demona will also be available as Funko Pop Keychains too! Add the leader of the Wyvern Clan Goliath, the rookery brothers Lexington, Brooklyn and Broadway, the immortal gargoyle Demona, and the gargoyle […]

03rd Apr2018

Live-action ‘Gargoyles’… Could a fan film entice Disney?

by Kevin Haldon

Thanks to creative geniuses like Adi Shankar, amongst many others, the rise of the fan-film is ensuring that the big companies have to at least take note. I mean sometimes that can lead to Haim Saban trying to sue your ass BUT nobody can watch the opening scene of Power Rangers (2017) and not think […]