17th Aug2020

Fantasia 2020: ‘Hail to the Deadites’ Review

by Chris Cummings

Features: Bruce Campbell, Patricia Tallman, Kassie Wesley DePaiva, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, Dan Hicks, Theresa Tilly, Richard Domeier, Tom Sullivan, Chris Alexander | Written and Directed by Steve Villeneive There are horror franchises out there that are so beloved and have such a devoted and undyingly-passionate fanbase that they become legendary. The Evil Dead films […]

08th Nov2016

‘Ash vs Evil Dead 2×06’ Review

by Paul Metcalf

It would take a lot to beat the second episode of Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2, featuring one of the best slapstick scenes of the series. We now have that episode, featuring a family reunion of sorts. This reunion is not only in story terms but also a returning actor from the very first […]