10th Dec2021

‘Death Link’ VOD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Elise Luthman, Jessica Belkin, Riker Lynch, Matt Rife, Alli Simpson | Written by Dustin Dinoff, Duncan Forster | Directed by David Lipper Death Link follows a group of friends who all hang out own a social media platform called Instatok – how original – (and seemingly are ONLY friends because of it) who are […]

13th Aug2018

Fantasia 2018: ‘Dead Night’ Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Brea Grant, AJ Bowen, Barbara Crampton, Sophie Dalah, Elise Luthman, Joshua Hoffman, Daniel Roebuck, Joy Osmanski, Alison Haislip, Sky Soleil, Alexander Ward, Dianna Miranda, Ryan Schwartzman | Written by Irving Walker | Directed by Brad Baruh I can see some people already rolling their eyes when they hear about another ‘cabin in the woods’ […]