28th Feb2019

eBuying Comics: Week 13

by Ian Wells

This week I want to do a very condensed version of how the Comic Code came in affect, who the major players were, how it changed the industry and how the code evolved over time. Then I will look at the value of some Pre and Post Code comics and also look at some comics […]

24th May2017

Panel Discussion #34

by Kieran Shiach

Hello again, and welcome to the recently resurrected Panel Discussion. I’m Kieran, and every week I’m going to go through some of the best comics of the week to give you an idea what you should pick up that you might have missed. This is another stacked week with some fantastic first issues and great […]

12th Nov2013

Panel Discussion #27

by Jack Kirby

30th October & 6th November Infinity (Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opeña) reached its penultimate issue this fortnight, which sets the stage its the climax. It’s already been announced that Marvel are launching a new book about the Inhumans next month, so we have an idea of what players will emerge in what kind of world after […]

07th Apr2013

Panel Discussion with Jack Kirby – Issue #2

by Jack Kirby

I made a double stop to Orbital this week, picking up a number of new titles, a couple of reprint of popular comics from the last few months and dabbled with DC’s ‘WTF certified’ experiment. I bought two (two!) Marvel comics too, in an effort to branch out of my comfort zone a little. 3rd […]

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