03rd Apr2014

‘Dexter’s Half Dozen: Issues 1-3′ Review

by Richard Axtell

Produced by Jamie Lambert and Dave Clifford | Published by Bearded Skull Comics/Deadstar Publishing | Format: Paperback, B&W Why are the Nazis sending all their bodies to a castle in Germany? Why are they hoarding occult artefacts? These questions were meant to be answered by a spy sent into the heart of Nazi Germany’s supernatural division […]

01st Apr2014

Book Review: Suncaller – by B. John Shaw Liddle

by Richard Axtell

Written by B. John Shaw Liddle | Published by Deadstar Publishing | Format: Paperback, 224pp Suncaller is the dĂ©but novel of B. John Shaw Liddle and is definitely a strong start for the author. The story follows Mortimer Hope, a sixteen year old who has earned the nickname ‘Hopeless’ by his friends and enemies…. in […]

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