22nd Jan2018

VOD Vault #9 – Sasq-Watch / Gun Shy

by Phil Wheat

Another week, another installment of VOD Vault – taking a look at some on-demand releases that have hit various VOD platforms recently. It’s been more than a few months since our last installment, so what say we kick off this debut edition for 2018 with two films that share something in common… Comedy! Sasq-Watch Stars: […]

04th Jan2016

‘Peep Show: Series Nine’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf

If I ever had a problem with Peep Show, it is that the characters aren’t particularly nice people. They like to think they are, particularly Mark (David Mitchell) with his snobbish selfish view on life and Jeremy (Robert Webb) …who is just Jeremy. In the end for me it’s the people like Super Hans (Matt […]