13th Jul2018

Opinionated: Run, Daniel Bryan, Run!

by Nathan Favel

The following is an open letter to Bryan Danielson, currently working for the WWE as Daniel Bryan: Dear Bryan, Get the hell out of there! Are you nuts?! The WWE run worked for a while, but it seems that it has just about run its course. You’ve had some great matches and made some great […]

02nd Jun2015

‘WWE: Daniel Bryan – Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes!’ Blu-ray Review

by Chris Cummings

Follow the journey of WWE Superstar DANIEL BRYAN as he prepares for his WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP match in the main event of WRESTLEMANIA 30. In this never-before-seen director’s cut, WWE cameras sit down with DANIEL BRYAN and follow his every move as he looks back on his WWE career and his bumpy road to […]

03rd Feb2015

WWE RAW: Results & Review (03.02.15)

by Chris Cummings

Michael Cole began this week’s RAW with a sentence something like “we are only 50 days away, on this Road to WrestleMania”. 50 days. That’s a decent amount of time for WWE to put the hype machine behind the entire roster in order to assemble a fantastic card for their annual extravaganza. We have all […]

27th Jan2015

WWE RAW: Results & Review (27.01.15) [The One They Cancelled]

by Chris Cummings

A day after the controversial and disappointing Royal Rumble and we learn that the live Monday Night RAW show from Hartford, Connecticut has been cancelled due to the historic storm that hit the North-west of the US, causing roadways to be closed and thus causing WWE to cancel. So, RAW was held at WWE headquarters […]

26th Jan2015

Royal Rumble 2015 – Results & Review

by Chris Cummings

We are a few hours removed, as I write this, from the end of the 2015 Royal Rumble. I didn’t stay up to watch it live this year like I normally do because the booking for the show hasn’t interested me enough, and the matches weren’t exciting enough for me to stay awake until 4am […]

10th Feb2014

‘WWE Superstar Collection: Daniel Bryan’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf

I’m not really a fan of the WWE Superstar Collection releases, but to be fair I guess it’s the choice of matches that are important. The collection picks a superstar and then gives a series of matches from their history that feature them. With the WWE Superstar Collection: Daniel Bryan release for the most part […]

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