27th Sep2023

‘American Terror Tales 2’ Review (Amazon Prime)

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Luba Hansen, Daniel Johnson, Scott Gaver, Jesse L. Green, Steve Delgado, Michelle Gernon, Corey Taylor, Cortney Costanzo, Melissa Miller, Nina Rose | Written and Directed by Dustin Ferguson, Brad Twig, George James Fraser, Joe Lujan Opening with a scene featuring a homeless guy seemingly psychically willed to upchuck his own intestines by a skull-faced […]

11th Jan2022

‘Rucker’ VOD Review

by Jim Morazzini

Stars: Bobby C. King, Cheyenna Lee, Corey Taylor, Jessica Cameron | Written by Amy Hesketh, Aaron Drane | Directed by Amy Hesketh Lief Rucker (Bobby C. King; St. Agatha, Assimilate) is a trucker. He spends sixteen hours a day minimum driving America’s highways, hauling freight and killing women who remind him of his ex wife. […]

10th Sep2021

Frightfest 2021: ‘Bad Candy’ Review

by Chris Cummings

Stars: Corey Taylor, Zach Galligan, Derek Russo, Ryan Kiser, Alexandra Lucchesi | Written and Directed by Scott B. Hansen, Desiree Connell Written by Desiree Connell and Scott B. Hansen, who are also in the directors chairs, Bad Candy is a Halloween anthology that tells the tale of the local myths of the small town of […]